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Masks have become a highly debated issue. One ever rising thanks to with the amount of fake information circulating the web.

Which is why we've joined forces with ColectivoSalud, a Honduras-based public health organization, to help fight misinformation, by developping a short and comprehensive educational video that will supply evidence-based information regarding mask usage in a simplified format, with all content approved by physicians.

This helps provide clarity on what is occurring around the facemask discussion, help counteract the dangerous false news circulating on social media and myths circulating internally in communities. All by providing information solely based on scientific publications.

The video is available in English audio with a multitude of subtitles to increase access to the information. Further language variety will be progressively added.

The "M for Mask" video aims to educate in a simple, easy-to-understand manner on the development of mask usage guidelines, types of mask and their effeciveness, and discarding procedures.


Adapted to a wide audience

The content is currently available in English audio, paired with subtitles in English, Spanish, Arabic and French. With upcoming ones such as Hindi, Guajarat, and Urdu.

The roster of subtitles is always growing!

Please reach out to us if you would like to help adapt the content to your local language and we can work together to make it happen!


Amidst the general anxiety the outbreak has caused, a myriad of fake news has managed to take advantage of the emotional vulnerability to misdirect people on various topics including facemask usage.

We aim to counteract this with the distribution of physician- and expert-approved content delivered in an engaging and interactive format.


Video topics include:


  • A brief overview on the background of guideline creation on mask usage
  • Understanding the different types of masks
  • Correct usage of the facemasks
  • Correct disposal of the facemasks
  • Information on facemask reusage



Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the sea of misinformation on the web, we aim to offer comprehensive information about masks, their types, their usage, and their disposal.


03:20 Cloth Masks

04:46 N95/Surgical Masks

08:00 Mask usage

09:30 Mask removal

10:00 Reuse considerations

Scientific resources

The list of scientific resources used in this video can be found in the following link: CLICK HERE.


Script written by: Augusto Barón, Hannah Tyler.

Original video footage by: Ana Cristina Batres, Augusto Barón.

Voice over: Hannah Tyler.

ColectivoSalud rep: Augusto Barón. Kura Foundation rep: Lina Zdruli.

Spanish subtitles: Augusto Barón

French subtitles: Augusto Barón

Arabic subtitles: Yasmine AbuGhazaleh

Gujarati subtitles: Jaimin Parikh

Clipart provided by: Freepik.com

Additional video footage provided by:

- Pixabay: Peterperhac, August de Richelieu, James Chewey, Vladar Karpovidi

- Pexels: Tom Fisk, Pressmaster, Edmond Dantes, Gustavo Fring, Michelangelo Buonanoti, Ketut Subiyanto, Edward Jenner, Curtis Adams, Polina Tankilevitch.

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