We have developed a comprehensive online course that helps refugees and other vulnerable communities learn about the COVID crisis in a simplified format, with all content approved by physicians.

This helps provide clarity on what is occurring around the COVID-19 crisis, help counteract the dangerous false news circulating on social media and myths circulating internally in communities. 

The COVID EduPortal aims to educate in a simple, easy-to-understand manner on the outbreak and how to safely protect oneself.

The course is translated in dozens of languages online and will include videos and tutorials and will be provided free of charge to all users.


It is the first fully comprehensive course on COVID-19 created to educate in a simple yet engaging format, adapted to the needs of youth and those looking to better understand the crisis. To complement the full course, we have created short blogs, infographs and videos that explain mini-topics such as social distancing or why there is not yet an internationally-approved cure.


International Partnerships

The course is distributed through our international network of partners, ranging from international organizations to national governments to local NGOs, and through our collaboration with the private sector.

Adapted to Local Content and Languages

The content is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish and Swedish, with the roster of translated languages updated weekly! Please reach out to us if you would like to help adapt the content to your local language and we can work together to make it happen!


In addition to the general anxiety the outbreak has caused, from the closing of small businesses and widespread job loss to the tragic and unexpected deaths of our loved ones, there has also been a widespread distribution of fake news adding to the collective stress and death toll.

We aim to counteract this with the distribution of physician- and expert-approved content delivered in an engaging and interactive format.


Course topics include:


  • How COVID-19 Spreads
  • Understanding vulnerability to the disease
  • What is social distancing
  • How to use a mask and properly wash hands
  • Myths and Frequently Asked Questions

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