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Life Skills Online Course

We developed the first life skills app aimed at adults with lower to medium literacy rates, to help level the playing field in their communities and on the workplace, by accesing critical information at the touch of their hand. The course covers: 


  • Financial Literacy
  • Women's Rights
  • Healthy and hygiene
  • Early childhood development
  • Nutrition


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Sustainable Employement

We believe everyone deserves to access the same opportunities. Vulnerable women, such as refugees and former trafficking victims, are one of the least likely groups to access gainful employment, achieve financial stability and are particularly affected by marginalization even in their new communities.

We help people who belong to vulnerable communities and refugees to get the necessary skills to find a job as well as we help them to integrate in the local communities.


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Coronavirus - Safety Education

Coronavirus is heavily affecting the world. With the help of experts, we created a multi-language course to teach vulnerable communities how to react to this threat and how to avoid the dangers of fake news.


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Women's Rights Education

Not all refugee and trafficked women are aware of their rights. This course module covers:


  • Women's specific legal rights
  • Abuse and prevention
  • Rights in the workplace
  • Recovery and resources
  • Understanding discrimination


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