Things you should not do! 

There are certain measures to take to protect both yourself and others, but it is also beneficial to understand some key things to avoid during this crisis!

Smoking: The virus attacks your respiratory system, and smoking or vaping can add more stain to your lungs than necessary. If you can stop smoking during this outbreak, you will substantially reduce your vulnerability to COVID-19. Your lungs will be stronger without smoking, to better combat the virus should you fall ill. 

Take antibiotics: Unless they are prescribed by a physician, do not take these drugs. Some people believe that antibiotics might help their body fight the virus, however, these drugs are designed to treat bacterial infections, which are very different from viruses. These can harm or reduce the strength of your immune system, which could reduce your body’s ability to fight off the virus.

Wear multiple masks or reusing disposable masks: Protective masks are an important component to your safety when in public, or around others who have COVID-19. They need to be used properly, to be effective. Wearing multiple, will not increase their protective ability and disposable masks are designed to be thrown away after use. If you need to use one, throw it away after use, and use a fresh one for the next time you require it.

Types of Masks:

  • Surgical mask
  • N95 Respirator
  • Cloth Mask


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Some groups are more vulnerable in severe situations which might lead to death, however, people of ALL ages, with or without pre-existing conditions can catch the virus. People over 50 years of age are highly prone to risks.


Are there treatments or a cure for COVID-19?

COVID-19 has become a rapidly grown and infectious disease that is infecting people all over the globe. While most people are either asymptomatic for the virus or experience mild symptoms, there are still people who endure excruciating and sometimes life-threatening symptoms.



When you sneeze, tiny droplets can escape your nose, flying through the air. These droplets can travel 7-8 meters (23-27 feet). Therefore, we must be careful especially when sick, to prevent these germs from spreading.


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