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Lina Zdruli is the founder of the Dafero social enterprise and Kura Foundation. She is passionate about using entrepreneurship, business and technology as a tool for social good. She has experience building international entrepreneurship ecosystems, including Rawabi, Palestine, where she helped support local entrepreneurs and connect them to international markets. She received her Masters at Georgetown University, where she developed a roadmap for companies interested in assisting refugees to become employable in their local markets, after which she worked on the unit helping bridge the humanitarian-development divide on Forced Displacement. She also started VRefugees, the virtual reality simulation of a refugee’s journey from Syria to Germany, as an education and impact tool.

Lina founded and is currently running Dafero, a social enterprise supporting vulnerable women, such as refugees and former trafficking victims, through life skills and workplace training. Revenue from the company is additionally used to develop life skills programming for vulnerable populations, including an education app distributed free of charge to NGOs and trade associations. 

She consults for international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Bank, is a G20 Young Global Changer, a Yunus and Youth Social Entrepreneurship Fellow and a special advisor to the Y20. Her work has been highlighted in Forbes, Voice of America, and she has published in publications for the Urban Institute and Bertelsmann Foundation.


Digital-based self-reliance programs for refugee women teaching life skills, workforce development, women’s rights and technical skills.


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Augusto Baron

Medical Content Specialist

Doctor in fieri, Founder of the social entreprise ColectivoSalud, and part of the management of the Global Youth Alliance for Kindness, currently works and advocates for the health of society.

Valerio Spada

Technology Content Specialist

Valerio is an engineer by training and a financial analyst by practice. An expert in smart mobility and incorporating high-tech elements in low-tech environments, Valerio advises on and implements Kura Foundation's technology trainings and applications.

Rachel Rowan

Social Impact Manager

Activist fighting gender-based violence, advocate for vulnerable women, creating content and programming for Kura Foundation.

Paula Rada Santacruz

Communications and Spanish Programs Manager

Paula is an expert in incorporating startup models to social impact. She ran the Hult Founder's Lab in London, helping student-run enterprises accelerate their growth, and was a business development intern for Dafero in Washington, DC. 

Tomas Mesen

Media Content Creator

Media content expert with a focus on advertising, responsible for Kura Foundation's explainer videos and infographs.

Julie Bradshaw

Social Impact Intern

Human rights advocate pursuing a legal career blending previous experience working with domestic violence survivors at a family law firm with current studies in humanitarian crises and gender, peace, and security to create content and design novel social impact initiatives for Kura Foundation's mission to protect those who are vulnerable and in need.

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